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in a male 44 years old, and this story relates to my ex- wife and I now like the sex life you 've always wanted, when we got married ! . we met was when I was 29 and 19 c shes 5'4 and size 12 momsextube to 14 blonde with great tits n ass ( not hard to see why I went for it !). they had to put a bit of a reputation as an easy and turned out to be true, and what a lay person that was! I loved it at the top, Tellin I never felt so wet a woman like her. blast it ! . I knew some of the men who claimed to have fucked, so he had asked one night. ' You want to know ?' Asked. Of course I have, so they launched no fewer than 13 names some of the names, I could understand, but two of the boys were in their 50 years. She said that she fucks me better, because it lasted longer and one man grabbed her in his car and had a thick mass. I loved being with her ​​because she was always dressed natural flirt and sexy. we got married anyway, and of course s. He became pregnant. after two children she was very depressed. could get her figure, but still looked hot to me! . Identification always wanted to catch the other guys, but it went further than ever before, so I just gave up asking. although when we talked about it in his very drilled. After a few months we began to enter chat rooms and, of course, she momsextube has momsextube a lot of attention and confidence gradually returned, we would momsextube very charming evening in the chat room and the two became huge and hairy like rabbits. is a night that the children were asleep and that was about 11 C clock had dressed in a red thong, a skirt and low cut top. put the laptop on the floor and entered the chat room. I stroked her ass and she would always flirt with a man. He asked all the usual things. how it looked and what she wore when she married. when she said she was and I was there it momsextube was a bit taken aback, but she told him just to get them both. he asked, then If I ​​could not know ! She said of course he could, was only a dream for us. Talk things preceded them and ask what you do until he had asked her skirt around her waist and fingers her pussy very wet, if I should tell Ishe. I said, if you want? I immediately said he had three fingers. His response was electric ! staright away if he asked as much as I would have. they really put in place and began to spread on my finger. I asked her to imagine she was there, and kept running. she told him that I can say to come and sort it out! . she immediately said no. I asked him why and he said no, at home. so my luck I said, go and meet him in the car and I 'll stay here. turned and looked into my eyes and said. ' You mean that' I said, Truly has, so I called my bluff and said he was not in the parking lot of a pubaway from us! . I was stunned. stood up and asked if she was safe. the answer is still sticks with me now. ' Yes, I'm sure I want another rooster ' that stood up and pulled the thong to say, only in the way! before leaving I told him to call me to make sure she momsextube was safe. Then they went in the car. is about 15 minutes momsextube momsextube later I received a call 'is not here,' then quickly, ' just released to go in and take it now, goodbye' and pointed to me! I became nervous and so on, but at the same time, an hour later took the car stopped in front and she came in she looked fantastic, rinsed with a broad smile on his face. I started to wonder, that all the details. That 's what I said. 'I got into his car, and immediately began to kiss. Achieved sit on my tits. He was a good kisser. Then I asked if it really was her typing in the chat. When you just open your legs lifted me now lap and said they felthow wet I was. He did. Then he told me to get back. I got into when he opened his zip and his cock was very thick and quite long, I wish it was me. so he straddled and sank, and he lasted so long that we got there and then. He pulled my top and started sucking my nipples while fucking hard with me. She said she was running and asked if I wanted momsextube to remove, but I was so gone I left him cum in me, 'I raised my skirt and spread her legs for the second time that night. What a sight! Spunk !. Everywhere he immediately put my cock in her and she could not feel like losing mass participation in her pussy fucked full of cum just found myself in about 30 seconds, said, 'Oh, will not turn ' I am momsextube still strong and hadnt tgook my dick out of her, carried out in the shit. I asked how she felt about her, and she did end up again with his response, ' I can not have feelings, now' i spunk in her back and her eyes lit up when sHe realized how much had turned these words to me............. more if desired
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